Home Decor Pieces

Refined Rustic Woodworks creates handmade pieces for your home which are intended for every budget.  Choose from beer flights, various candle holders, serving pieces, clocks, frames, lamps and much more.  Every piece is unique and one of a kind, accentuating the individual character of the wood.  Made from various species of woods and finished with different applications.  Accompanying pottery pieces are all handmade by the woodworker's wife.

For Your Walls

Handmade pieces for your walls of all sizes.  Framed Handmade Tiles, Mirrors, Clocks and Frames for your family photos.  Made from various wood species, with or without live edge ends.


Custom and already created furniture, handmade for every room.  Made from various species of wood and stained to your liking.  All one of a kind pieces which adds to the uniqueness of your home.  Adds warmth and interest.  Makes your home special.

Refined Rustic Woodworks

One of a Kind Pieces

Bring warmth and uniqueness to your home with a quality, handmade piece by Refined Rustic Woodworks, handmade by Randy Hintz.

Randy has been creating wood pieces for over 25 years.  His work is uniquely his own and modestly priced.  Especially for the time and thought he puts into every piece he creates.  He balances design and function perfectly for today's styles.

Randy maintains the natural character of the wood, while adding a classic mission style flavor to each piece.  This blend, he calls "refined rustic", will add interest, warmth and charm to any home.

His pieces will last for generations and is an investment that will gain value over the years.  As more products are mass produced in our world, his work will stand as valuable heirlooms.

Wood is selected for its character and chosen specifically for its intended creation.  Each piece is uniquely different.

Randy offers a line of handmade home decor pieces and works with customers to create custom, one of a kind, furniture pieces.

Need More Information?

If you are interested in talking to Randy further about the pieces he can create for you or your company, contact him directly.